Studio A – 120′ X 120′

This 14,400 square-foot space can easily accommodate 500


people. It is pre-wired and pre-hung with a state-of-the-art light, sound

and projection systems and is rigged with 23 camera positions to provide coverage from every angle.

Studio A is is great for concerts, or any large-scale live event. With drive-in access, Studio A could host an entire car show or large exposition. The room has the functionality of a big, empty warehouse, with the amenities of a world-class audio-visual venue.

Sets can be constructed on site with plenty of room to maneuver. An entire movie can be filmed on site. It is also the perfect place to film a sit com or game show with plenty of room for a studio audience.

In addition to the video projection system, multiple LED screens are available, including a 30-foot screen,  four 11-foot screens and six positions for 60-inch monitors.  The room has comfortably hosted a Battle of the Bands and video game tournament.

But the possibilities for this room don’t end there. Imagine interactive games with local contestants playing against competitors in similar studios all over the country. The nature of media and entertainment is changing on a daily basis and Cre-a-tv Studios is perfectly positioned to create and implement the newest and most innovative productions.


1459148_553208021426268_1028869161_nStudio B – 60′ X 40′

The smaller 2,400 square-foot studio is great for motion capture or stunt work. It can serve as a news studio or green screen environment.

Studio B is completely self-contained and separate from Studio A. However, it could easily work in tandem with Studio A. Imagine a commentary room where announcers could describe and play back the action going on during a competition or tournament in the adjoining studio.

Studio B could also serve as a holding room for competitors until they were called upon to enter the main studio.


LobbyElegant Lobby

The large lobby has a ticket/concession cabana, mood lighting, a grand piano and elegant greenery.

There is also an arcade and a convenient vending machine area that is wonderful for active, kid-friendly events or busy work days in the studios. However, this area can also be hidden away during more sophisticated functions.

The room can serve as a pre-function reception area, registration area or box office.

Imagine cocktails and hors d’oeuvres or a silent auction set up in the lobby before entering Studio A for a elegant evening of entertainment. Or, it could serve as a location for merchandise sale at concert or panel of speakers.

Control_roomAudio/Visual Control Room

The master control room provides for iso camera feeds, projection and audio system controls. From this room, studio events can be streamed lived to the world. Equipment includes two HD-SDI switchers, 24-track audio board, two graphics workstations, prompter, slow-motion replay.

A detailed equipment list is available upon request.